Meraki CrossFit


Learn a new perspective on thinking to break through self limiting beliefs, and equip yourself to continue your transformation.

Meraki CrossFit

Custom Nutrition

We will work with you to build a custom meal plan specific to your needs.

Meraki CrossFit


No matter what level you are at, every week we will safely modify your workouts to continue to challenge you.

What can I expect from a fitness challenge?

Join us as we work on transforming you to become the best version of yourself! Every week, we will work on your fitness and health, focusing on what works best for you in the gym and in the kitchen.

Why Meraki CrossFit?

I am here to tell you that YOU CAN and to help you remove all your excuses to change the direction of your life. I will teach you what works for you and not the next big fad for you to conform to. Our mission at Meraki CrossFit is to help you plant new seeds and daily habits, and continue to nurture those seeds for the rest of your life.

Next Steps...

Reach out to me to start your journey!