Personal Training

Hands on 1:1 time with Amy from improving your skill set to manual techniques to address nagging mobility issues. Pain and stiffness not an issue, no problem Amy will help you to achieve your physique goals with personalized coaching sessions and workouts (including nutrition).  She will figure it out and get you to where you want to be!!

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Professional Services

Amy is equipped to handle a company group to an individual training progression and has employee orientation modules to decrease work comp injuries.  She provides screenings to both work comp and ALL athletes to allow YOU to perform at your best at ALL times!

The best way to treat an injury is to prevent you from having one in the first place.

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Amy provides education seminars on injury prevention, nutrition consultations, and methods of incorporating easy life changing habits that ARE sustainable and key to living the life that YOU deserve!!

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Sports Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention Screenings are available for $20 then further integrative steps will be made as needed OR referral to appropriate resources to get your issue resolved, but don’t ignore your issue as it is your body’s way of communicating that there IS an issue and it is A LOT easier to resolve faster when it is small OR prevented altogether.

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Nutrition Consultation

Meal plans, accountability, tips and strategies to get you to where you can incorporate life skills that will allow you to achieve your success, but also learn mind set strategies to find the origination of your current situation so that the fat is lost FOR GOOD.


There is no quick fix diet, only life style changes that need to be conducive to you so that you can sustain them and get off of the roller coaster of weight loss and gain.

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We Do It All

Email to see how we can assist you to get you to your goals.  The only one stopping you from your success is yourself.

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