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Amy Posadas- BIO

I have been training and teaching fitness now, in some form or fashion, for over 15 years and a physical therapist of over 12 years.  I’ve come to realize that fitness is more than just getting healthier a few times a week, but an integral cornerstone to allow us to live the life that we deserve.  It has the power to make many other facets of our lives harmonious in nature.  It also makes us safer to perform our responsibilities more effectively.  Not only does working out build confidence in self image, but empowers mental strength to overcome obstacles in other areas of your lives AND to get affairs in order too.  Exercise is the healthiest coping mechanism to overcome stress, to decrease injury risk, and to allow our body to fight inflammation, which when not contained triggers disease.

Fitness is an integral part of self-development and whether you are competitive by nature or avoid it like the plague, working out in groups helps to ignite the fire within and push ourselves to the limits, so that we can succeed.  The unique community provides accountability, support, education to learn how to prevent injury, strategies for practical implementation of proper nutrition, and motivation to keep it fun.

The key to success IS consistency and the way to remain consistent IS to seek out like-minded people that support your goals of functional fitness, then to USE those tools being taught to achieve YOUR success.  It is humbling to witness the progress of a client perform activities pain-free, that they never thought they would be able to do again OR never thought that they would be able to do at all.  The client’s face lighting up with surprise for what they accomplished IS what I live for and lights my fire within, to help you accomplish YOUR goals, where before it was thought impossible.

My family IS my why and driving force for what I do daily and my entire family can participate together.  It makes staying fit and active, eating a clean diet, and supporting a full-blown community, so much easier to do!  We are all on this AMAZING journey together and it WILL land us a better life.


  • Bachelor’s in Health Sciences
  • Master’s in Physical Therapy
  • Crossfit Level 1 Trainer
  • Aerobics and Fitness Association (AFAA)
  • Nutrition Certification (Precision Nutrition Level 1 coming soon)
  • Assisted in Yoga Instruction Seminars of how to implement in physical therapy practice
  • CPR, American Heart Association
  • Founder of Transformative Health 180

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