“Amy has helped to increase my overall confidence when I am working out and in daily living.”

– Crystal

“Amy has been a lifesaver!”

– Kaid

“Awesome job getting me back to where I need to continue Crossfit!”

– Diane

“…now I haven’t had any pain in my back for over 2 weeks!”

– Cody

“Now I am able to correct the things that caused my issue to begin with.”

– Mitch






“I definitely recommend her to my friends and family!”

– Lindsay

“My experience with Amy was amazing”

– Madeline

“I could not be more thankful to have Amy as a huge part of my journey.”

– Meghan

“After seeing Amy…I’m almost pain free.”

– Lorrie

“After 4 short weeks, I’m able to go through all movements pain FREE!”

– Russell